The Ultimate Guide To Travel In U.S.


With stupendous historic landmarks, larger than life cities, and owning the central presence over the world stage, the United States has claimed the top position among the most famous tourist destinations across the globe. According to recent research data, it has been argued that around 65 million tourists visit the United States, spending about $125 billion. The U.S. stands at the third position among the largest countries of the World in terms of area and population and is the proud owner of the World’s largest economy. There are a number of hotels to stay, a variety of restaurants to eat, plenty of places to visit, many historical monuments to watch and much more. With the help of this ultimate U.S. travel guide, no matter if you are the first-time visitor to the U.S., you will exactly get to know where to go, what to watch and what not to miss visiting.


Being one of the most dynamic countries existing on Earth, the United States always astonishes its visitors with an amazingly diverse range of experiences.


Here is a list of things that one must not miss out while traveling in the United States:


The National Mall, Washington D.C., where the Lincoln Memorial is located, Washington Monument, and also the U.S. Capitol. At a really short walking distance is the White House located, where the president resides.



The Grand Canyon, Arizona, is considered as one of the most magnificent geological formations on Earth. It is around 277 miles long, and 18 miles wide.



Among many other fun amusement parks, the most popular park is Walt Disney World, located in Orlando, Florida, U.S.



People who are into gambling and stuff, Las Vegas isn’t less than a paradise for you as it is considered to be the “Gambling Capital of the World.”



You can visit the 9-11 Memorial, the Empire State Building, as well as the pride of New York, the Statue of Liberty.



Now the question arises when to visit the United States?


Along with its colossal size and geographical variety, the United States is claimed to have the most types of climates, so any time of the year is a good time to visit and do many things. If you are looking forward to having a sunbath and get tan on the beaches of Florida or Hawaii, you must visit during the summers; if you are interested in skiing, you must head towards Colorado during the winter.



Bright Lights, Big Cities:


America is claimed to be the birthplace of Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, Boston, Miami, and New York City. Each of the above-listed city is filled with a numerous notion of the rich culture, and cuisine. Each city adds an exclusive color to the grand canvas, which certainly is the United States.



Food-Loving Nation:


When it comes to food and food enthusiasts, the U.S. again tops the list in a variety of food made available to the people. On one beautiful evening in the U.S., you will surely find thick barbecue ribs coming out hot from the grill at the Texas Roadhouse. Steaming hot and delicious plates of lobster directly from a Maine pier, an amazingly tasty combo of oysters and champagne from a California food and wine bar, these are few of many ways to have a lip-smacking dinner in America.


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