Top 10 Budget Destinations 2019.

Vacation runs like blood through the veins of those who are travel enthusiasts and wanderlusters. Every year people plan out some vacation days, some travel solo, some travel with friends, some travel couples and some travel with family. The best thing about vacation is that you get to spend some quality time with your family and friends. It is the dream of every person to spend a holiday at some of the exotic places on earth and explore them, keeping their pockets in mind. Everyone seems to visit the budget destinations that don’t cost you much and give you precious moments to cherish. Let’s put some light on some of the budget travel destinations for 2019!




This beautiful island nation is home to some of the best natural scenic sites and is full of surprises, where you can go for wildlife safaris and mountain climbing, a visit to some breathtaking beaches and temples with traditional and ancient color schemes, construction and sculpting. Everything here falls in your budget and is pocket-friendly from delicious food to luxurious hotels and resorts. Let’s have a look at some item prices.


Street food will cost you around $1.50+; beer is rated around $2-$3.


Coming to the accommodation, hostels services are also available and starts from $10 USD, hotels and resorts fall under a little lavish price yet inexpensive as compared to other nations, it starts with $20 USD.



Iceland may not seem cheap by default, but one thing is for sure if there was ever a year to visit Iceland, it is 2019, as the Icelandic Krona is dropped by 6% against the Euro and is still descending. Iceland is a home to many volcanoes, long and open roads to explore, glaciers and last but not the least is Northern Lights.


Flight expenses are the most expensive thing that you face while traveling abroad. If you have Europe trip on your list, you must consider adding Iceland in your list as there are many budget airlines available from Europe to Iceland such as easyJet and Norwegian Air. Remarkably low airfares are being offered, such as £29.99 from London and Edinburgh that are listed among the major European cities.


Food expenses are indeed pocket-friendly meals that start from $10 USD.


Accommodation expenses starts from $50+ USD for hostels and dorm rooms, $120+ USD for lavish hotels and resorts. Even more, the pocket-friendly idea is to consider a campervan which will cost you around $110 USD/day. It will absolutely fall under your budget as it has both transport as well as accommodation.




Talking of Egypt usually sets aback a person to the world of Kings and rulers who’ve built towering pyramids, tombs, larger-than-life sphinxes, and much more. Egypt is indeed a part of the Globetrotters’ dreams. Apart from being a better ancient destination to visit many of the historic sites still cost just you few dollars as entry fees.


Food expense is not an issue of worrying as the street food is being offered there at $4, a simple meal pack is being provided at $8+. Rate of beer starts from $2+.


Accommodation will cost you around $15+ USD/night for hostels and dorm rooms and $36+/night for luxurious hotels and resorts.



Argentina is believed to scratch almost every travel itch, from the hilly and rocky landscapes of Patagonia to the scintillating rainbow shades of Buenos Aires’ architecture. Argentina is very popular for its Architecture. The natural scenic beauty of Argentina is one of the most impressive things on earth that covers Neon blue glaciers, endless snow-covered mountains, and many more.


Food is so pocket-friendly in Argentina that a simple meal will cost you around $4-$6 USD, and a beer will cost you around $1.50.


Accommodation is also inexpensive as you get to pay $17+USD/night for hostels and dorm rooms.



Nepal is not only home to mighty Himalayan mountains but also the lush-green tea fields, glacial lakes, busy towns, and fascinating wildlife. Once you’re finished with the high-latitude trekking, you can go for a safari ride to catch some wild animals in action such as wild rhinos, tigers, elephants, and many more in Chitwan. Nepal is also included in the list of some of the cheapest destinations.


Street food will cost you merely 60 cents+, and a simple meal will cost you around $1.50+ USD.


Accommodation in hostels, dorm rooms, and basic rooms will cost you around $6+ USD/night, while a private room will cost you around $20-$30 USD.



This tiny island country has a serious punch to it. People seem to consider Taiwan among the most underrated places on this budget travel destination list. Taiwan is such a tiny island that you can literally explore it by motorcycle, bus, or train.


Food expenses in Taiwan are highly budget-friendly as a simple meal will cost you around $3 USD, and a beer around $1.50.


Accommodation expenses starts from $10+ USD for hostels and dorm rooms, and $16+ USD for hotels and resorts.



Hungary withholds the quintessential European charm, without hitting hard on the price tag. You can say that Hungary is all about being traditional and leaving an ancient fragrance in the hearts of people. You certainly get an ancient feel by entering medieval villages and rolling the countrysides with much fewer crowds.


Food expenses here, are as nominal as they charge around $5-$8 USD for a simple meal and around $1-$2 for a beer.


Accommodation in hostels and dorm rooms will cost you around $12+ USD, while hotels and resorts will cost you around $20+ USD.



Ecuador is home to the range of snow-covered mountains, a wonderful glimpse of the colourful Amazon rainforest, and the eminent Galapagos Islands. Ecuador is considered as natural beauty, that makes it paradise for nature lovers. Luckily, it is categorised among the least expensive countries in South America.


You will incur food expenses around $1-$3 for the street food and the basic meals, while beer will cost you around $2-$3.


Accommodation in the hostel or the dorm room costs around $4-$8, and a basic hotel room costs around $10+ USD.



China is home to the widely popular Terracotta soldiers, towering the never-sleeping megacities, and one of the ultimate creations of mankind that can be viewed even from Space, The Great Wall of China.


Food on the Streets of China will cost you around $1-$3 USD, while formal meals will cost you around $5-$15 USD and the beer costs around $1.50.


Accommodation costing goes around $18 USD for the hostels and dorm rooms, while it goes around $30 USD for hotels and resorts which usually varies from city to city.



Australia isn’t cheap by default, but looking at Australia’s constantly dropping dollar rates, you should consider shifting your travel destinations from any other country to Australia. Australia is home to significantly beautiful sights to see from the lush-green rainforests and sparkling beaches to the rusty shaded deserts and captivating wildlife


Food expenses will go around $6-$10 USD, including Fast food, snacks, and meals.


Accommodation is available from $35+ USD for hostels and dorm rooms, while $60+ USD/night for hotels and resorts.

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